But in an average environment with suitable speakers, you’re unlikely to need anywhere near 50W, let alone 100W. Was very useful actually- even the part about the speaker connectors . An automatic power-down function sends the A-S201 into its eco-friendly, <0.5W standby mode after a user-configurable period of inactivity. Indeed. Thanks for your advice. I suggest firstly getting rid of the bi-wire cables and running single cables to the speakers, with the speaker terminal jumpers in place. What would be your best recommendation for a pair of speakers with this amp with a budget of about 150-200. It should be a very good match, though depending on the model of your MA speakers you may find the combination a bit bright. Great review Ashley – I was thinking of getting this amp as my old denon receiver only has 22W output. It will, but you have to remove the little plastic end caps from the speaker terminals. Adhered to the upper left-most area of the front panel, aligned with the display, is an advertising sticker, promoting the virtues of the a-s201. Only a few things let the A-S201 down – the lack of a front panel balance control means that, if you’ve lost the remote, you could be left with unbalanced sound. A pair of Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers, or a pair of Cambridge Audio SX-50 Bookshelf Speakers. If those things don’t work I’m running out of suggestions. That said it’s well built – there’s no flex in the casing and the aluminium front panel feels solid. If you’re looking for a simple, smooth-sounding integrated amplifier – the A-S201 should be on your shortlist. Given the quality of the turntable and speakers, I would at least consider stepping up to the 301. As previously mentioned, the front of the A-S201 is designed to match that of other hi-fi components, such as Yamaha’s own cd players, tuners, and streamers. I have very nice set of cables…can i do something with other pair? I will see if I can get one in for a more comprehensive review. Thanks for your fast response! I never recommend ‘buying blind’ as it were, and I would say not to trust everything you read about the sound of a component, particular with regards to speakers as the room has so much of an impact on how they sound. Everything is conected perfectlly. The same can be said for the sleep timer, and the control giving access the options menu. It’s the north American version of the A-S201 without phono input or pure direct button. It delivers 50W at a more respectable THD figure of 0.2%, so can effectively be considered a 50W per channel amp. Pure direct bypasses the tone and balance controls as well as the back buffer amp, shortening signal paths and offering better sound quality. Best wishes to you. Hi. The Zensor 1s should be a nice match with the 201. Do you think a Audio-Technica AT-LP60 would improve my audio experience? Thy for your comments. I am looking to purchase this amplifier along with a pair of yamaha nsf51 floor standing speakers. The buttons are also fairly small – it would be nice if key controls such as the volume were slightly larger, making them easier to locate. Of course it is advisable to check your wiring and also verify that your source component is functioning, adjusting the volume on it if it has one (as all computers do for example). Great website by the way, very usefull! Finally I got this amp with a couple of Yamaha speakers (NSBP400) -there was a bundle pack in the mall-. La parte que se puede mejorar son las piezas de plastico de los eq. I would like to pair this AS-201 to dali zensor 1 . The only thing is that I have to turn the amp to at least 50 out of 100 to get a listenable volume. Otherwise at least a Yamaha A-S501, if not the A-S701. You’re right of course. Yamaha R-S201's rear panel Yamaha . I’m just trying to choose a pair of speakers to purchase now. Signal ground and power supply ground share one common point to give what's claimed to be a better signal-to-noise ratio. An avid vinyl collector and coffee addict, I can often be found at a workbench tinkering with a faulty electronic device, tweaking a turntable to extract the last bit of detail from those tiny grooves in the plastic stuff, or relaxing in front of the hi-fi with a good album. The SR10 is the better of the 2 amps. Interestingly, the volume control is not used to increase and decrease the tone controls values as is the case with many other designs – instead, Yamaha provide an increase and decrease button for both bass and treble. The most obvious feature of the front panel is the large volume control. usually you would pair the Mercurys with something like the Yamaha A-S501 or the Marantz PM-6005, but the 840A is certainly compatible and will run them to their full potential with room for future upgrades if desired. All controls, from power to volume and tone, are fully digital, meaning they can be controlled either using the front panel controls or the remote. After pairing my A-S201 with NS-F51 speakers, I’m now thinking of improving my turntable. Completely unlistenable! Any amount is gratefully received! The new A-S201 is an evolution of its S200 entry-level integrated amplifier, and has been designed with convenience in mind as it moves away from the more retro-styled gear of the past few years. This remote controls all functions of the A-S201, as well as Yamaha’s matching CD players and Tuners (such as the CD-S300 or T-D500). Select your speakers (using the a/b controls on the front panel), select your source, turn up the volume and you’re good to go. Love to know your thoughts? Also if you know about a budget sub (max USD/EUR 150). In theory, a more powerful amplifier can reach higher volumes without clipping – a form of audible distortion that can damage not only your amplifier, but also your speakers. My speakers are FOCAL Chorus 714V. I am using a Pioneer vsx 510 av amp to drive a pair of Mordaunt Short avant 904i speakers .
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