October 5, 1985 (age 35) I don’t know where I’m getting all this evil from, but it comes through. You’ll learn that a lot of these circumstances were forced on her, but she makes the best of them. She moved to Sydney when she was 2 years old. Hopefully, people will get to see another side of her and cut her some slack. She takes a lot of pleasure in it. At this point in the season, it’s still evolving. KELLEY: Yes, that’s a really good way of putting it. Actress She’s very old, so she has to come up with increasingly sicker games to interest her. We’ve seen that Sybil is not as infallible as she likes to make people think she is. I guess worried was one thing that I felt, but I was also excited about that. Is this what they want?” And then, I started to really settle into it. It seems like a lot of her anger stems from jealousy, whether it’s directed at Bonnie for Enzo or Elena for Damon. While Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Alaric (Matt Davis) team up to uncover the origins of the mysterious force they’re up against, they must also decide when the actions of Damon and Enzo will pass the point of no return. She just wants to satisfy her sick urges and cravings, sadistically, with this small town. Kelley has since appeared on both Lone Star and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Christina Radish is a Senior Reporter at Collider. KELLEY: When you work on a character for the first time, you’re like, “Is this going to be evil enough? She’s really having a good time in Mystic Falls. In 2020, she debuted in the lead role of Noa Hamilton in the ABC series The Baker and the Beauty She’s never gonna die, so she’s just gonna work through these vendettas and take a sadistic pleasure in that. In August 2011, Kelley signed on in a major recurring role in the second season of the ABC crime drama television series Body of Proof. There’s not repentance, in any way. In fall of 2016, Kelley appeared in the eighth and final season of The Vampire Diaries as Sybil. KELLEY: I like how unrelentingly bad she is. She’s really committed to this evil thing. She’ll go to extreme lengths to punish the people who don’t do what she wants. For what reason? Will we start to learn more about what her weaknesses are, or where her downfall might come from? I thought, going into it, that there were probably all of these mixed feelings about it being over and that they’d be so tight knit, but I’m coming out of this show with a lot of life-long friends, which is awesome. She relishes in the manipulation. If she does not get everything really quickly, she takes it really personally. Julie [Plec] had known me for a couple of years, and this was just the perfect fit. During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Nathalie Kelley talked about how much fun she’s having with playing evil, why this role was the right fit, balancing Sybil’s humanity and depravity, whether we might feel some sympathy towards this Queen mean girl, how what she was most nervous about with the role is also what she was most excited about, what it was like to join this cast in the show’s final season, and that we’ll learn more about Sybil’s possible downfall. The things Kelley saw there prompted her to shun show business and come home to launch herself into a social science degree at the University of New South Wales. In March 2008, Kelley appeared in the low-budget drama crime film Loaded alongside Jesse Metcalfe. KELLEY: No. There have been some pretty strong emotions about my character flying around. Be aware that there are some spoilers discussed. She’s sadistic. They’re her toys, and nobody is going to take them from her without her giving them a fight. Now, I’m in the flow. But what we both agreed on was just how much fun this character, Sybil, has with being evil. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I also like how much fun she has. She talks about what she was like, before becoming a Siren, and her tragic childhood and the things that happened that led her to being the evil being that she is today. You’ve gotta do something, if you’re immortal. 8. She’s gonna enjoy this evil thing. Everyone was really warm in welcoming me. Because she really is the Queen mean girl of all mean girls, how intimidating is it to play the embodiment of evil? I love that! The film made over $158 million worldwide. In 2012, Kelley played a vampire princess in the video clip "Luna Llena" from Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Baby Rasta & Gringo. Do we have any idea what she’s really up to? KELLEY: I’ve actually been auditioning for the show for awhile.
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