For BUZZ SAW variation hold 2 during the special move.Spin Cycle: D, F, 1+BLKOnly in TEMPEST variation. Must hold D during final hit. Must use STEALTH (D, D+3) or INVISIBILITY (D, D, 3+BLK or hold 3 during STEALTH) first. FatalitiesBe Mine! Mortal Kombat XL has arrived and with it tons of new content. 1º Fatality Quan Chi – Mid Game: Fwd, Bk, Fwd, Bk, and finally B (far) 2º Fatality Quan Chi – Both Games: Dn, Fwd, Bk, Fwd, and finally Y (close) 3º Fatality Quan Chi – Stage: Bk, Fwd, Dn, and finally Y (close) Fatalities Raiden Yeah it's all about distance. Among the new finishers are also Stage Fatalities.Click here to watch the three Stage Fatalities. Special move can be enhanced.Pop Off: D, F+1Only in COMMANDO variation. In this guide we will go over everything you need to know about Stage Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X. FatalitiesSeeing Double: F, B, D+1 (CLOSE) Hook And Sinker: B, F, D, F+3 (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: F, B, D, U (CLOSE)BrutalitiesCountry-Fried: Throw Must hold F during final hit.Butcher Block: X-Ray Must hold D during final hit.Half Slab: D, B+3, 4 Only in KILLER variation.The Tenderizer: D, B, F+1 Only in BUTCHER variation. Must press D, D, D during final hit.Force Slice: D, B+1 Only in RONIN variation. Fatality practice is there for a reason, use it. is anyone willing to share their WB account so i can get the console unlocks. Must hold F during final hit.Bring It On: D, B+4Only in A-LIST variation.Secret Brutality: ThrowMust hold F during final hit. Die Stages dafür sind: DIE GRUBE BUCHT FLÜCHTLINGSLAGER2.Sobald man erstmalig einen Stage-Fatality ausgeführt hat, wird dieser in der Move … Final hit must come from GARROTE PUNISH (D, B, 1+BLK, 1 or 3).Time Bomb: 1, 1, 2 Only in DEMOLITION variation.Kamikaze: D, D+1, 3+BLKOnly in SPECIAL FORCES variation. Must hold F during final hit. Mortal Kombat X: Stage Fatalities Der Patch 1.12 beschert den Mortal Kombat X -Maps "Kove" , "Pit" und "Refugee Kamp" jeweils einen Stage Fatality. Must hold 2 during final hit.Touch Of Death: D, B+1Only in SORCERER variation. Special move can be enhanced.Secret Brutality 1: Brutality Steal: D, B+1Only in IMPOSTOR variation. Hold BLK+SWITCH STANCE before and during “Tremor Wins” announcement to make the rock head explode.It's Me Tremor: D, B+1Only in METALLIC variation. Must hold D during the final hit.Tread Lightly: F, B, F+4, BLKOnly in DRAGON'S FIRE variation. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Must do 5 FORWARD DASHES (F, F) during the match. Must hold 2 during final kombo.Secret Brutality 1: Air Sai Blast: B, F+1 (AIR)Special move must hit the opponent's head.Secret Brutality 2: Low Pounce Kombo: D, B+4, F, F+1, D, D, DOnly in RAVENOUS variation. INFOs: 1.Die Stage-Fatalitys werden mit allen Kombats, NAH AM GEGNER & MITTIG VOM STAGE ausgeführt !!! Must be JUMP distance away from opponent. FatalitiesTele-Copter: B, F, B, B (FAR)My Puppet: F, D, B, U (MID)Stage Fatality: D, F, D+3 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesUsed Up: Throw Must hold D during final hit.Brutal Kick: 2, 2, 4Leg Up: B, F+3Only in BALANCED variation. FatalitiesWhip It Good: D, F, D, B+2 (MID)Head Cage: F, B, D, D+1 (MID)Stage Fatality: U, U, U, D (CLOSE)BrutalitiesArmless: Throw Must press 1 or 2 4 times during throw.Kool Whip: 2, 1, 2 Whip it Out: D, B, 3+BLK Only in SHIRAI RYU variation.Two-Sided: B, F, 2+BLK, BLKOnly in LASHER variation. Special move can be enhanced. Must set HAT TRAP (D, F+2) or AWAY HAT TRAP (D, B+2). Hold D+BLK after the last hammer strike to make Leatherface hit himself with his fists.Trimming The Fat: B, F+2 Only in PRETTY LADY variation. Special move can be enhanced. Must shoot 3 STRAIGHT MISSILES (B, F+1) during the match.HEAD'S UP: D, B+4 Only in CYRAX variation. Must be JUMP distance away from opponent.Secret Brutality: Low Fireball: B, F+3Must be at least SWEEP distance away from opponent. Must be JUMP distance away.Have A Nice Day: F+2, 2, ThrowOnly in BONE SHAPER variation.Hands Down: D, B+1Only in NECROMANCER variation. Must be level 3 DRUNK (3x D, D+1 or D, D, 1+BLK).Head On A Stick: B+3, Throw or F+3, Throw Only in BARTITSU variation.Secret Brutality: Fire Spit: D, F+2Only in DRAGON BREATH variation. The Predator made his debut as the third character available through DLC as part of the Kombat Pack. : D, B, F, U (MID)Toasty: U, U, 2 (MID)Stage Fatality: D, D+1 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesGet Over Here: B, F, 1+BLK, BLKShirai Ryu Fire: D, B, 3+BLK (AIR)Just A Scratch: F+2Only in NINJUTSU variation. Must perform the FULL special move: D, B, F, 1+BLK, 2, 3, 4, 1+2+3+4.Secret Brutality: (Up) Machine Gun: B, F+3 or D, B+3Only in HEAVY WEAPONS variation. Must hold U during special move. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Final hit must come from HAT CALL BACK (D, D+2) or HEAVY CALL BACK (D, D, 2+BLK).Secret Brutality: Advance Teleport Throw: D, U+BLK, 1. Must perform THE AMERICAN WAY (D, B+1) during the match. Opponent must be JUMP distance away.Outworld Marketplace: Blanche (= Old Lady) ThrowMust use 1 stage interactable during the match. Must do 2 ACID PUDDLES (D, F, 1+BLK) during the match.Knee Kapper: B, F, 4+BLKOnly in NIMBLE variation. Final hit must come from a 3 hit kombo that ends with B, F+3.Half Day? Stage Fatality: B, F, B, F+2 (CLOSE) Brutalities Fat Iron: Throw Must hold D during final hit. Special move can be enhanced. Must have 3 SOULS active and perform SOUL BALL (B, F+2).Controlled Chaos: B, F+2Only in SPECTRAL variation. FatalitiesPeek-A-Boo: B, F, D+4 (CLOSE)Shokan Amputation: B, D, D, U (CLOSE)Stage Fatality: D, D, D, D+1 (CLOSE)BrutalitiesSpeed Bag: D, B, F+3Must hold F during final hit. Opponent must be in the air. I believe in Jesus Christ, the savior, and I'm proud of it!! Introduction Stage Fatalities have been around since the original Mortal Kombat 1 and have stayed an integral part of the franchise over the years. Special move can be enhanced.Little Devil: D, B+4Only in INFERNO variation. Opponent must be in the air.Ground Breaking: D, D, 4+BLKOnly in PUMPED UP variation. Dead Woods: Log ThrowThrow the log (INTERACT) on the right side of the stage. In DRAGON BREATH and DRUNKEN MASTER variations, special move can be enhanced to pop opponent's head off.Hot Foot: D, F, 1+BLK Only in DRAGON BREATH variation.Blowing Chunks: D, F, 2+BLK Only in DRUNKEN MASTER variation.
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