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Dealing with bosses is imperative through the story as each narrative link is capped by defeating one of them. Magni and Modi are there for just one reason, and that is to stop Kratos whichever way they can. When you pile-drive The Stranger with a log, keep on punching The Stranger until your fury is gone. It is on a cliff near the beach and you can climb the cliff by using a Shock Arrow on the Shatter Crystal that blocks your path. Share. They come out of his staff and go in three directions. The large-scale game was highly praised by fans and critics alike, but according to the game’s director, the game somehow could have been even bigger.. In the backyard, The Stranger will repeat the same moves and mix them up in different patterns. If you thought the story bosses in God of War were a letdown overall, don’t worry. Home » Features » The Hardest God of War (2018) Bosses, Ranked. It’s just a shame that the final phase of the fight is a scripted affair, consisting mostly of timed button presses and easy punch/dodge combos. Remember to stay mobile, as you will probably be blinded over half of the time otherwise. When this happens, a cutscene will begin to play which will show Kratos using Hraezlyr’s own claws in order to finish him once and for all. Lastly, he can summon a Hel-Brood to fight you and move around the arena. Keep on attacking that area until the dragon is up again. What makes this boss fight so challenging is having to keep an eye on two different enemies at once. Atreus becomes an invaluable ally here as he can distract one while you focus on the other. Hraezlyr Boss Fight Boss fights are usually the most important and the most difficult part of any game. However, he does have a particular weakness and that is to Shatter Crystal explosions. This is the complete list of all the main bosses in the new God of War for PS4. You will fight Hraezlyr as you ascend The Mountain. When his health drops to half, you will be knocked to the top of the house. Gullveig Boss Fight Began writing a year and a half ago so that he could fill his library with every Steam game that exists. Magni likes to lunge at you with a large sword, while Modi is a little more passive with his mace. Magni will also have a new dash attack that you can counter by pressing ‘Square’. You can block the dash-punch and dodge the shockwave. The bosses will have multiple different phases and you will need to fight them through all of them in order to defeat them. Zelda Holiday Gift Guide 2020 for the Mega Fan, Microsoft Flight Simulator CRJ & Twin Otter Add-Ons Get New WIP Screenshots; TO Confirmed for Xbox, Second Extinction For Xbox Series X, Xbox One, & PC Gets Festive Trailer With Duke Nukem Voice Actor, Muv-Luv Mini-Concert Starring Aki Misato Is Awesome & Has English Subtitles, Star Citizen Opens Final IAE 2950 Hall With All Ships Flyable for Free; Crowdfunding Passes $332 Million, Senran Kagura New Link Gets New Trailer Showing Asuka & Homura’s Super Shinobi Transformation, The Hardest God of War (2018) Bosses, Ranked, spoil all the major boss fights in God of War. The fight consists of different phases, and you have to damage both of them enough to trigger the next part. Now, they can stun you and dash around quickly. After that, keep on moving ahead until the path finishes and you will be able to pick up the Skull from the ground. If you thought the regular Dark Elves were annoying enough, this guy is even worse. Later on, Hraezlyr starts showing off a couple of new moves, including a ground shockwave and a lightning strike. For Modi, you can use your own shield to break her shield using the Block Break. She’s on a whole other level, and she makes the story boss fights look like child’s play. After that, use counterattacks to deal damage and whittle his health down to half. Mattugr Helson Boss Fight Lastly, when you stun the boss and get the R3 prompt to finish the guy, do it, and then repeatedly press R1 when you are asked to do so in order to save your son. It is very easy to anticipate all of his attacks and all you need to do is to roll away when he is preparing his attacks. She also moves around the arena at blinding speed, and she has a double air dive attack that could probably kill you instantly on higher difficulties. The Dark Elf King of Alfheim is the first real challenging fight you’ll face in God of War. As the fight goes on, Magni and Modi start using more deadly moves as well. Gullveig appears after you collect three bones of her and return them to the spirit. Published April 23, 2018, 5:31 p.m. about God of War (2018) Baldur is absolutely relentless in his attacks, and his move set is varied and diverse enough to keep the player guarded at all times. After that, repeat the pattern at the start of the fight and continue to take their health down for as long as you can. Alright, so I know I said we wouldn’t be counting the Trolls in this list, but the Helheim Bridge Keeper actually packs a couple of new moves that distinguishes it from the rest of its commoner brethren.
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