"It's a future that's rapidly arriving," he says. A free fourth estate could become the exception rather than the norm within five years.". "We already trust them to match us with a spouse, and that's one of the most important decisions we ever make," he told News.au. Forget CCTV cameras or phone bugs. Thanks to 3D-bioprinters and other bioengineering tools, it's increasingly possible that someone with the right knowledge will be able to create their very own pandemic. (An extreme example is Tay, Microsoft's chatbot that, shortly after powering up, started spouting racist comments.) But more subtle discrimination will be likely, according to Walsh, who describes it as an unintended consequence of AI: "We're seeing this with unintended bias in algorithms, especially machine-learning that threatens to bake in racial, sexual, and other biases that we've spent the last 50-plus years trying to remove from our society," he told CNBC. How to ensure intense thrills amid the Legos and juice spills. He tells Futurism, "2029 is the consistent date I have predicted for when an AI will pass a valid Turing test and therefore achieve human levels of intelligence. that we can see, we must use the future with going to. Species unable to adapt quickly to a changing climate will go extinct. Many others dangers will result directly because of climate change. "Hacking an election, in terms of changing actual votes, is extremely risky for a nation-state to do against the United States, as it could lead to war, but for terrorists, hacktivists and some organized crime groups the risk may be worth it," says Jason Glassberg, co-founder of Casaba Security, a hacking firm that does extensive research and testing for the Internet of Things. He suggests that it won't be long before robots are our bosses. Don't let this appliance put your safety at risk. "After all, wouldn't you be willing to pay a few hundred dollars to a hacker to be able to start your car again? "We can expect to see more attacks like this in the coming years, particularly as city and county governments run a number of critical services which are often insecure and increasingly connected to the internet," says Glassberg. That's all there is to it! Coastal communities will be submerged, creating a humanitarian crisis." Examples: Here, according to the experts, are 25 downright terrifying predictions about the future. We are approaching a moment when global oil production will begin to decline. And for more totally out-there science coverage, here are 30 Reasons Why the Ocean Is Scarier Than Space. As the majority of the scientific community has pointed out: At the rate we are going, climate change will cause sea levels to rise at an increasing rate, devastating habitats, flooding hundreds of millions of people in coastal areas and creating a wide range of collateral destruction. to Using the Future Tense in English. 1. With scientists now close to constructing autonomous, honeybee-sized robots, it may be only a matter of time before these creatures fill the sky. Bestlifeonline.com is part of the Meredith Health Group. It's a bleak national outlook—except here. Any vision of future threats has to consider that age-old bringer of global destruction, the asteroid. "In the next few years, as more cars incorporate advanced features and greater internet connectivity, these attacks will spread to vehicles and could be used by hackers to essentially boot your car and then demand a large ransom to regain control," says Glassberg. Robots are only as good as their makers, and sometimes those who develop them can—intentionally or not—program them to discriminate against others. Here are 10 exceptionally regrettable developments we can expect in the coming decades. "Be ashamed, Robert De Niro, be deeply ashamed. We've already seen the kind of pressure and political tensions that mass migration and refugees can cause throughout the world—and we've yet to see the worst of it. This is such a concern that futurist Ray Kurzweil and technology expert Bill Joy criticized the U.S. Department of Health for publishing the full genome of the 1918 Spanish flu virus, expressing concern that it could be replicated and tweaked to catastrophic effect. When we must make a fast choice, this is an instant decision. ", He says that this can expand far more broadly—not just to an individual car but across an entire model with the same vulnerability or dealer fleets. artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans, 30 percent of species at the risk of extinction, Ocean acidification will continue to rise. They predict that such a situation would lead to all sorts of collateral issues, such as increasing social unrest, tension related to the income inequality, a rise in criminal behavior in order to meet basic needs, and potentially violent backlash against government leaders and authorities. Dr. Fauci warns the public ahead of the holiday. Copyright © 2010-2020 Really-Learn-English.com. Be sure to read to the end of this lesson to see the special predictions that we make with this tense. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. All rights reserved. Try making some examples of your own to help Expect that to grow even in this hyper-connected world. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); BLACK FRIDAY WEEK (Biggest Sale of the Year): 25% OFF on All Books, Workbooks, Dialogues, Stories, Exercises, Activities, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Tenses, and More. These are the two ways we can make predictions about the future in While some might feel we're already in a surveillance state—considering the ubiquity of cameras in every person's pocket—experts believe things could get far more invasive. These are not our intentions for the future, but a decision we make very quickly. As Gizmodo explains, "Following the September 11 attacks and the subsequent mailings of anthrax spores, the US government enacted the Homeland Security Act. Return Many technology experts agree that the Singularity—the moment when artificial intelligence becomes smarter than humans—will occur in just a few decades' time. And for more startling predictions, here are the 25 Crazy Ways Your Home Will Be Different in 2030—According to Futurists.
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