As an icing on top, you can also play your favorite tunes while exercising through the smartwatch, which makes it an ideal workout companion. But Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches will be able to get you through the entire day with its powerful battery. However, if you’re looking for a smartwatch that’s more suited for a rugged lifestyle, you might want to check out our selection of the best waterproof smartwatches. The smartwatches are all powered by Wear OS by Google and are compatible with iPhone and Android phones. Fossil Gen 4 watches are versatile that you can wear them anywhere – from a formal affair to more casual gatherings, the watch fits almost every occasion and every outfit so you don’t have to fuss over matching it with your outfits. Gen 3 Explorist also has an IP67 rating, which means both the smartwatches stay waterproof up to a depth of 30 meters of water. The phone is also waterproof and swim-proof. We know that you want to rock your unique style while enjoying the convenience of modern technology. There are two variants of Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch, one for women and one for men. As such, some of the links on this page may earn us a commission when you click thru and purchase from the associated partner, like Amazon. Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup: What’s The Difference? However, don’t let its size fool you, it’s packed with great features that will surely help you get through the day. reviews and buyers guides. It’s a joy to have something like a Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch that fits every occasion.  Its versatility is unmatched whether you are looking for a sports watch or a casual watch. One of the biggest issues that most people have with smartwatches always has something to do with battery life. Apart from that, you’ll also be able to track your distance with the smartwatch when you’re running. You can read more about our honesty pledge for additional insight on this matter. With more people developing an increased interest in their fitness and health levels, there’s been a huge surge in the popularity of smartwatches. They take money from brands to skew results. However, like other gadgets, they often get updated, which means that older models are replaced with more improved ones. Perhaps the three most iconic features that the Fossil Gen 4 watch comes with are a heart rate monitor, a water resistance depth of close to 100 Feet, and NFC support for POS payments. It can even track your swims for you if you have it on. However, take note that you cannot take or make calls from the smartwatch, but it can alert you of an incoming call that you will need to answer on your smartphone. We're on a mission to fix the broken user review system. Our reviews and buyers guides are always either based on reviews we’ve done ourselves, or aggregated from trusted sources. Tech-wise, both variants are the same but differ in design and built. The Fossil Gen 4 is water-resistant and swim-proof, which makes it a great companion for those with an active lifestyle. The Fossil Gen 4 ships with a stainless steel strap as standard, giving it a more masculine look and feel. The watch also comes with enough battery life to push through a day on a single charge,and also has NFC connectivity so that you’re able to use Google Pay when you don’t feel like carrying your wallet around. The goal of our smartwatches is to help you live your best life now. In short, we’ll always remain objective and find you the best products regardless of any monetary incentive. Its display is also noteworthy for being right and clear. However, keep in mind that supported features may vary across platforms. Ultimately, the Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR is a stylish smartwatch with great features that will surely be a great smartwatch companion for men. Anmino Monitoring Waterproof Bluetooth Smartwatch Review, Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch Tracking Included Review, Fossil Explorist Stainless Touchscreen Smartwatch Review, Garmin Vívoactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments Review, Samsung Galaxy Silver Bluetooth sm r800nzsaxar Review, Ticwatch Bluetooth Payments Assistant Compatible Review. Many smartwatches will only last you a couple of hours and won’t be able to pull through for the entire day. Their smartwatches are also among some of the best in the market today with competitive specs and features. Without a doubt, this smartwatch has got all the basics done. The Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR has been one of the many in the market that have benefited from this increased interest, and with the fitness tracking capabilities that it has in store, many people continue to take it up even as their first ever smartwatch.
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