An important aspect of Milton's imagery is the play of light and shade, It is worth mentioning here that when this was first translated, the opening reference to Heidegger was entirely deleted, Finally, there is the argument that watching too much television may stunt a child's imagination. Ha trabajado con maestros como Alejandro Jodorowsky,…. A more specific point relates to using this insight as a way of challenging our hidden assumptions about reality, More specifically, he accuses Western governments of continuing to supply weapons and training to the rebels, First of all, let us consider the advantages of urban life, Let us begin with an examination of the social aspects of this question, The first thing that needs to be said is that the author is presenting a one-sided view, What should be established at the very outset is that we are dealing here with a practical issue rather than a philosophical one, In the next section, I will pursue the question of whether the expansion of the Dutch prison system can be explained by Box's theory, en la próxima sección me centraré en la cuestión de, I will then deal with the question of whether or not the requirements for practical discourse are compatible with criminal procedure, a continuación me ocuparé de la cuestión de, We must distinguish between the psychic and the spiritual, and we shall see how the subtle level of consciousness is the basis for the spiritual level, I will confine myself to giving an account of certain decisive facts in my militant career with Sartre, In this chapter, I shall largely confine myself to a consideration of those therapeutic methods that use visualization as a part of their procedures, We will not concern ourselves here with the Christian legend of St James, Let us now consider to what extent the present municipal tribunals differ from the former popular tribunals in the above-mentioned points, Let us now look at the ideal types of corporatism that neocorporatist theorists developed to clarify the concept, The main issue under discussion is how the party should re-define itself if it is to play any future role in Hungarian politics, A second, related problem is that business ethics has mostly concerned itself with grand theorizing. The amendment to the contract was made in writing. After the dramatization of his novel, The Little Minister. The fundamental reason for this contradiction seems to me quite simple, In actual fact, the idea of there being a rupture between a socalled old criminology and an emergent new criminology is somewhat misleading, de hecho, la idea de ... es en cierto modo engañoso, In order to argue this, I will show that Wyeth's position is, in actual fact, untenable, voy a demostrar que la postura de ... es ... insostenible, It is claimed, however, that the strict Leboyer method is not essential for a less traumatic birth experience, This need not mean that we are destined to suffer for ever. And that could be interpreted as trying to gain an unconstitutional political advantage, Retail sales rose sharply last month. To take another example: many thousands of people have been condemned to a life of sickness and pain because ... Let us consider, for example o for instance, the problems faced by immigrants arriving in a strange country, His meteoric rise is the most striking example yet of voters' disillusionment with the record of the previous government, es el ejemplo más claro de ... hasta ahora, The case of Henry Howey Robson serves to illustrate the courage exhibited by young men in the face of battle, Just consider, by way of illustration, the difference in amounts accumulated if interest is paid gross, rather than having tax deducted, A case in point is the decision to lift the ban on contacts with the republic, Take the case of the soldier returning from war, As the Prime Minister remarked recently, the Channel Tunnel will greatly benefit the whole of the European Community, They have telephoned the president to put pressure on him. La historia de la humanidad empieza con el descubrimiento de la escritura. Having received your deposit we will confirm our offer of, Después de haber recibido su depósito le confirmaremos nuestra. If all the water of the oceans became ink, it will not be enough to write the Greatness of Allah. On balance, making money honestly is more profitable than making it dishonestly, Since such vitamins are more expensive, one has to weigh up the pros and cons, We need to look at the pros and cons of normative theory as employed by Gewirth and Phillips, es necesario examinar los pros y contras de, The benefits of partnership in a giant trading market will almost certainly outweigh the disadvantages, los beneficios de ... pesarán más que los inconvenientes, The two perspectives are not mutually exclusive, las dos perspectivas no se excluyen mutuamente, Para decantarse por uno de los argumentos, Dr Meaden's theory is the most convincing explanation, The truth o fact of the matter is that in a free society you can't turn every home into a fortress, But the truth is that Father Christmas has a rather mixed origin, Although this operation sounds extremely dangerous, in actual fact it is extremely safe, When all is said and done, it must be acknowledged that a purely theoretical approach to social issues is sterile, In this chapter, I have demonstrated o shown that the Cuban alternative has been undergoing considerable transformations, This shows how, in the final analysis, adhering to a particular theory on crime is at best a matter of reasoned choice, The overall picture shows that prison sentences were relatively frequent, but not particularly severe, To recap o To sum up, then, (we may conclude that) there are in effect two possible solutions to this problem.
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