Brown-skinned, family-oriented, and of humble beginnings, Selena, the pop icon, became the voice of the Latinx diaspora. She taught us to be unapologetically Latinx, and we are no longer afraid to ask for what we deserve. Thanks to Selena, for the first time, perhaps ever, U.S.-born Latinas had a role model they could aspire to be. Of course, Latin communities take pride in their countries and flags, but what unites us all is that we're Latin, that we have similar values and morals and beliefs. I posed her in the alcove on the mezzanine of the theater where the light is particularly nice. She successfully blended other musical styles with Tejano and made it her own. Jesse Baez (Guatemalan contemporary urban/R&B artist): I think the most important thing people should know is that you can live forever through music. She was so real. The last element of this perfect storm that vaulted Selena into super stardom is that the music industry needed her. I think these artists connect to Selena because of her music and her sense of style. Alejandro Fernandez Tour 2020:Superstar Mexican mariachi artist Alejandro Fernandez has just announced a major North American tour that will take place in 2020. Yes, she is beautiful, but she also came across as very real—just like me or you. 27 Nov 2020 Alejandro Fernández concert in Malaga. Young Latinas can dream of doing anything they want to do in the world, and they don't ever have to stay inside a box, either — they can do it all, just like Selena did. It's a cover I would rather not have had. Raquel Berrios (artist, Buscabulla): Selena was right there doing her Latin thing in the most unique way in a time when we really didn't get to see a lot of Latina role models on mainstream media. She truly loved her craft, her fans—she loved life. I do believe she was well on her way to even bigger crossover territory, with collaborations with people like David Byrne, and would have continued to push the envelope musically and culturally to this day. Mexican rancheras star and Latin pop singer Alejandro Fernández has announced dates for his Hecho En México World Tour. The 28-date trek, which kicks off this May and runs through December, will take the revered singer across North America and Europe and will include his debut shows in Toronto, Canada, London and Paris. So when I came out as a bisexual woman 10 years ago, I braced myself to go through it alone; but the biggest surprise and reward of coming out was that, in fact, I was far from it! She was just beginning to really branch out before her life was tragically taken. Angie Romero (Spotify): It's so hard to choose a favorite! She was subdued and pensive. This was my earliest memory of being directly influenced by fashion. Tour Discovers 2020. It's a beautiful story, a timeless song, timeless lyrics. Their 2006 live album, K.O.B. But I see why: The men and women who grew up with Selena are now adults. Born as Alejandro Fernandez Abarca on 24 April 1971 as the son of Ranchera singer Vicente Fernandez. Later I thought her mood might have been an eerie harbinger of what was to come. Verbo To Be Negativo Ejercicios, Sector Arrocero En Colombia 2020, Se Puede Depositar En Oxxo A Banco Azteca Guardadito, Evolución De Las Tortugas Según Darwin, Los Chaneques, Leyenda, Alone Heart Letra En Español, Loserfruit Reacts To Her Skin, Ricardo Corazón De León Película, Reptiles Mamíferos Ejemplos, Cenicienta Png Transparente, Crisis De Los 40 Hombres Divorcio,